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Department of Veteran Affairs

Australian veterans have often experienced more in their lifetimes than many can imagine, and with that comes significant strains on their physical and mental health, which can have reverberating impacts on their social interactions, emotional wellbeing, and their quality of life. Proactive’s strong team of allied health professionals help DVA members live fulfilling and active lives by optimising a variety of facets of their lives – from the way they move through daily life to how they see the world.

Experience Working With Veterans

Being highly experienced in working with veterans, we understand that the daily challenges faced are often complex and multifaceted, requiring a care approach that is thoughtful, inclusive of a veterans personal preferences, and is unique – unlike those cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all treatment methods that others may offer. Our close-knit team of practitioners come highly-regarded and recommended because of their ability to combine up-to-date and evidence-based treatment methods with genuine, supportive and personalised care, and add to this a fantastic working relationship with their DVA clients.
As with any plan, things may come up – and often do. You can be assured that your practitioners are not here to judge or tell you to simply stick to the plan, but instead to troubleshoot any challenges to make the plan work for you and your life. We are on your team and on this journey with you, and you can trust that your practitioners are also well-supported by the wider Proactive team to enable them to offer exceptional care for you.

Our practitioners work with veterans with a range of conditions and injuries, including:

Musculoskeletal conditions and injuries

Mental health issues including depression, anxiety and PTSD

Mobility restrictions and muscle weakness

Neurological conditions

Chronic diseases

Balance, coordination & gait disturbances

Physical disabilities


Chronic fatigue

Post-surgical pain

Incontinence and bladder problems

Diabetes and obesity

Amputations and ulcers

Sleep disturbances

Dealing with grief and loss

Nutritional deficiencies

Our Services

Unsure about how to get started with your DVA-funded care or interested to learn about the other services we offer? Leave it to us – just give us a call, send us an email, or fill in our contact form, and our team will be in touch to fill you in on everything you need to know. No endless website scrolling or trying to navigate the DVA site. We’re here for you.

The Proactive Difference

If you’ve been recommended to come and see us, then it’s likely because it has been recognised that we do things a little differently – well, a lot differently. The reason we are able to maintain such excellent care of DVA participants stems from the fact that the practitioners you work with are incredibly well supported in all facets of their career – from our incredible network and close-knit provider community, to the opportunities we offer for ongoing learning so your practitioners skills and knowledge are always growing – to the benefits we offer that help support your practitioners mental and physical health.
Because if they’re going to be taking exceptional care of you – we believe it’s our job to take exceptional care of them too.


Yes, absolutely. You are always able to change providers to see someone who may be more aligned with your goals - or who you may want to switch to for any other reason. Simply book your appointment with us to get started.
In our experience, we’ve seen too many veterans get treated in the same cookie-cutter way as those that haven’t faced significant physical and mental strains that shape or at least influence their outlook and approach to life. For these veterans, they risk getting substandard treatment outcomes from working with someone that, while experienced generally, is not experienced in veteran care and finds it difficult to connect with and understand veterans. This is why we have such a strong focus on veterans - to ensure no one is left behind and see everyone receive exceptional, personalised care.
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Informed Consent for Social Worker Services

The purpose of the following is to inform you about the provision of social worker services by Medilinks Australia Online Pty Ltd t/as VBA Health (“us”, “we” “Proactive Health”) and for you to consent to receive social worker services from us and to our management of your personal information.

Part A

Social Worker Services

Type of Services

Social worker services include the following supports:

Part B

Management of Health and Medical Information

Collection of Personal Information

As part of providing social worker services to you, we need to collect and record personal information from you that is relevant to your situation, such as your name, contact information, medical history and other relevant information. This collection of personal information will be a necessary part of the services that are provided.